Educator. Artist. Scholar. 

“Exuberance. Energy. Excellence. When you work with Joshua Streeter, that is what you can expect. Josh has brought a critical mind, passionate work ethic, and contagious smile to everything we have worked on together over the past few years and anyone should treasure the opportunity to collaborate with him.”

I feel so “filled up”. Joshua was such a natural in so many ways. He knows his material inside and out and you can feel he truly believes in what he does. It comes from the heart. Every game/strategy learned will be used and it was great to get up on our feet and DO IT! He kept every moment filled with learning and adventure.
“Thank you for everything! I really appreciated your attention to detail and how masterfully you explained every lesson with excitement and expertise. This is one of the few classes in college where I can say I actually learned something important to me and where I saw a difference in how I grew as an artist from the first day of class to the last”.